Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Email Server problems - UPDATE RESOLVED - PLEASE READ

Not sure what happened but the email server is down and will not come back up as of 10:30am PST. I am working on resolving the problem.

Incoming email is fine, it's spooling on the backup server.

UPDATE: 11:36am PST

SMTP/POP3 service has been restored. However, the mail server store suffered a catastrophic file failure. Unfortunately this means that anything that was currently in your mailbox and not yet POP'ed to your computer has been destroyed. Hopefully we're only talking about a few hours of lost email. You may want to contact folks you were expecting email from and ask them to resend your email.

Here is the exact timing of events so that you can figure out how much, if any, email got lost.

I'm very sorry that this happened. I will be looking into why the message store got corrupt and more importantly why the backup of the store was also corrupt. My guess is that this was a slow corruption getting worse and worse over the last few years that the server had been running fairly uneventfully.

Let me know if you continue having trouble with your email.

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