Monday, October 17, 2005

Mail service down - RESOLVED

The SMTP server is currently down. mail is spooling on the secondary. more later.

update 2005.10.17 08:00 PDT - server is fixed, lots of mail to spool in so it may be a while before all the mail from this weekend is available again.

update 2005.10.17 23:55 PDT - the server has crashed again. pop3 is unavailable now as well. no ETA on recovery, will let it run overnight rebuilding the message index. cross your fingers.

update 2005.10.18 00:58 PDT - i turned pop3 back on since it doesn't seem to be hurting anything. 20K messages to go.

update 2005.10.18 04:48 PDT - smtp is back, mail is spooling in from the secondary.

update 2005.10.18 11:35 PDT - spooling in has completed, all systems go

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